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Middle East peace process (provisional translation) "North Korea asks for direct nuclear talks, and Trump agrees." (North Korea has asked for direct dialogue on nuclear weapons, Trump responds to it (From the United States paper)] To reports that Trump President to hold talks with North Korea of ​​gold Seion, Japan has been at the mercy. This is diplomacy internal affairs both, let's say that how to cut of Trump administration unique cards that are exposed to criticism by the imposition of policies that are not found in the past. That said, when you think about the US foreign policy to the Far East, is always what I want to know that it is there that must be kept in mind. That we must be aware, even in China nor is that of Russia. Also Hata also North Korea of ​​it is not even that of South Korea. It's the transition of the Middle East policy of the United States. But was previously commentary also, priority on the most important foreign policy for the United States is of a Middle East policy. That the Middle East countries interests have been intertwined in the West is unstable over the years, it is always the most important issue for American foreign policy.

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