Middle East peace process (provisional translation)

Surprisingly important role of Japan in the Middle East

Middle East peace process (provisional translation) International Monetary Fund (IMF) is the day, and 0.1 the real growth rate forecast 0 years of Middle East oil-producing countries countries such as Saudi Arabia, was significantly reduced from a month time.. Expected Saudi Arabia to remain in growth of 0.5. In the entire world is predicted to grow, sluggish first time in the Middle East oil-producing countries stand out. In the form of fragility of crude oil dependent economic structure is exposed, cast a shadow on the outlook geopolitical risks such as the Iran situation. Relocation to the Trump regime by the US withdrawal and parking Israel US embassy from the Iran nuclear agreement in Jerusalem, in the Middle East that shakes the regional situation, Japan is whether Ninaeru a role. Japan, which relies most of the oil in the Middle East, whether there is a role that can be played in the Middle East peace process between Israel and Palestine. From the Middle East visit of Prime Minister Abe, we would like to consider the role of Japan in the Middle East.

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